GAJA Tasting Night

GAJA Brunello di Montalcino and GAJA Barbaresco were some of the highlights on my GAJA tasting. These wine are 100% nabiolo grape. Amazing flavors and long finishes.

I attended a KRUG tasting here recently in November 2016. For those of you who don't know KRUG is an exceptional champagne. This tasting included a history of KRUG's champagne making empire. The North American KRUG ambassador spoke of how KRUG has around 300 wine vats where they will blend over 150 different batches in order to find the right taste for their next release. The KRUG I tried (Grandée Cuvee) and the KRUG Rosé was said to have been taken from about 180 different wine batches.  The ambassador also said how KRUG has always made their harvest the same way over the years and then a second batch is made to experiment with the flavors and to provide deeper analysis on how the wine flavors evolve with changes in the weather and other factors. The flavors that evolved with the champagne were medium floral notes, citrus overtones, lemon peel, very well-balanced, with tons of umami.

The Rosé had a rich peach color and took the taste to another level. As I tasted the Rosé, the citrus notes were elevated, introduced flavors of strawberry, rose pedal, and spring flowers. 

Vertical Tasting...                                                                                Jordan

2012 Jordan: Dark crimson/ruby color. Soft, supple, and delicate tastes, floral flavors and aroma with a hint of strawberry and slate flavors and  light tannins.

2011 Jordan: Purplish/ruby in color. Medium density. Cedar redberry aromas with a hint of wood chip. Medium tannins, green flower flavors, with a little hint of herbaceousness almost a hint of basil flavor.

2010 Jordan: Dark ruby color almost blackish with a red tint. Cedar, citrus, mossy, forest floor aromas almost a little nutty. Medium tannins with a buttery delicate structure, light and suave, dark chocolate, deep plum, with a light pear and fig essence.

Sable Gate Winery

I visited Sable Gate Winery in Houston, Texas in November 2018. This small winery sources their wines from all over the world and make their own creations. They have cabernet sauvignons, Tuscan wines, malbecs, white wines, burgundies. The top wine I had their was a Chilean wine by the name of Latin Grande. This wine was jammy and fruity, with lilac, dandelion, spring flowers with honeysuckle. This fresh tasting wine went great with my charcuterie platter.

Michele Charlo and

Truffle Tasting

I was invited to an amazing wine and truffle tasting to try some amazing truffle and wine pairings  from an Italian wine maker named Michele Charlo. We were able to try their 2006 and 2010 Barolo Ceriquio with the octopus carpachio, quail egg, and mini pizza with black Italian truffle shavings. I was very impressed. I also saw this 2001 vintage Italian wine that goes by the name Serpico which had amazing layers of flavor that can only be created through 15+ years of aging.

KRUG  Tasting