​​GAJA Barbaresco                                          2012

​Very light and complex. 100% nebbiolo grape. Yellow fruit notes with a very unique flavor and aroma note that was so unique I was unable to describe it but is what gives this wine its identity. Strong pucker sensation. Fresh leather and long finish.

Le Petit Mouton De Mouton  Rothschild    2011

Aromas of citrus, orange, lemon peel, apple filled the glass. Upon tasting, there is a rich freshness, floral and citrus notes, red fruits maybe even a hint of apple that makes this wine incredible.

Don Melchor

​      2011

Very floral, refined bouquet upon opening. This wine needed time to open up. This wine has amazing flavor changes. From the taste upon opening to after decanting and letting open up for 30 minutes is like night and day...definitely a wine tasting adventure. Very light, faint, flower pedals amongst other spring floral flavors, citrus, well-balanced, a little hint of slate, all of which disappears in to a palate adventure.


Dark intense color,very viscous and thick when pouring. Darkberry aromas heavy Plum and blackberry, Tastes of  vanilla, licorice, black currants medium tannin with a little earthiness and delayed black peppery finish.  This would go great with a steak or heavy cheeses. Leaves a light silky film on the tongue. Even the bouquet change as the wine open up. It becomes lighter and silker and very elegant after it opens up. 

Latin Grande


Very rich dark cherry color. Jammy, fruity, lilac, dandelion, spring flower, honeysuckle, and buttery.

​   Jordan        

As I swirl it in my glass I smell strong essences of plum, cedar, oak, blackberry, dark cherry, and a deep floral bouquet. Remarkably Full-bodied, mellow tannins, dry dark fruits that have a smooth finish that stays on the tongue. Deep ruby color with purple undertones. It even has mature legs for such a young wine. As I swirl it in my glass and look down at my cup you feel as though you are almost entering a ruby abyss. Opens up after 15-20 minutes.

TIGNANELLO              2012
Vibrant color, Refined flavors and aroma, beautifully balanced so suave. Very delicate taste of purple flower pedals, lavender, rose, and a little cherry. Dense legs, suave beginning and velvety finish

...It's like velvet!



​​Dark ruby color almost blackish with a red tint. Cedar, citrus, mossy, forest floor aromas almost a little nutty. Medium tannins with a buttery delicate structure, light and suave, dark chocolate, deep plum, with a light pear and fig essence.

Chateau Batailley                  2013

 Aromas of a leather briefcase and opening a cedar cigar box with a light rainforest mist. Upon tasting this wine was amazing...so light and delicate. It reminded me of eating an angel cook cake or pound cake. Smooth and lush. The grapes tasted very mature and bold, no acidity, and finesse in the glass. Tastes reminded me of leather, rain mist, raspberry without the tart.


Orange peel on the nose with a hint of spice and eucalyptus, wet grass, wet leather, with a hint of tobacco. Very light on the palate, and very delicate. Hints of citrus, pear, medium tannin, a hint of clove, mandarin orange with a lemon freshness. 

Chateau Haut Brion 2008

Very complex rich aromas, strawberry jam, dark fruit forward, tobacco, licorice, long lingering flavor, cherry, cedar, with a hint of spice. Very perfumed as it opens up with hints of lavender and chamomile. Warm spice. Very rich layered flavors, velumptuous flavor in fact, dark fruit, little acidity, licorish, jammy and chewy tannins, cherry, full mouth embodied fig, plum, dense, the longest finish ever. Crisp green apple and lavender.

2013 Simi Landslide

Tastes of Blackberry with Cranberry arrays with a subtle plum and pomegranate essence with a light cherry finish, strong currants with medium tannin.

The smell of Cedar wood, blackberry, blueberry,  cranberry fills the glass.

Chateau De Brondeau


Spice on the nose, plum, acidic, tomato, bell pepper, leather, earthy, aromas. Flavors of black tea, chalky, cassis, green, tobacco, and a little gamey. 

​​​     NATIV                                                   Turasi -2010

Beautiful rich color, medium viscosity. Very light in taste. So delicate that it just disappears on the tongue that leaves a plum, fruity finish. It is light and bright. Very floral subtle, supple, and velvety.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild                       1975

Upon opening this gem a cognac, vanilla, tobacco aroma filled my glass. The orange rust color that came out the bottle was a sight to see. Full bodied but so light and delicate, grapefruit, caramel, maple, strawberry, vanilla, and tobacco flavors and aromas. 


TIGNANELLO              2012
Vibrant color, Refined flavors and aroma, beautifully balanced so suave. Very delicate taste of purple flower pedals, lavender, rose, and a little cherry. Dense legs, suave beginning and velvety finish

...It's like velvet!


​      2013

Dark in color, deep cherry color around the rim. Ocean breeze freshness, floral, and herbaceous, with cedar and a hint of grapefruit. Crisp and tannic with a lovely long finish.



Very deep in color and rich in texture. A hint of spice on the nose. Hits of blackberry, charcoal, raspberry, with a hint of citrus and granite. 

Pavillon Rouge  2008

This 10yr second growth had a sharp cranberry, astringent aroma of wet leather, stone, and charcoal. Upon tasting I got notes of pomegranate, stone, with chewy tannin, light texture, a little bit musty with a long finish.

La Fiole Du Pape

​Excellent bouquet, very floral, refreshing, light oak and cedar fragrance. Taste of almost strawberry with raspberry undertones.....I would say fruity...yet sophisticated. This wine is very light on the palate. Tastes of fresh greens, citrus, and flower pedals.

 HESS - Special Cuvee

​A light cranberry rose color. First sip, swirling it in my glass it came off very smooth and light with a strong lychee aroma, cranberry, and eucalyptus predominately. Fragrances of red berries and almost a cabbage essence and mild truffle aromas. ​The taste on the palate was very similar, a light cranberry, strong lychee flavors, a little vegetative, but very buttery in texture and almost silky, with medium viscosity.



This wine opened with a matured cranberry and crimson in color. Fresh strawberry aromas with hints of citrus. Flavors of  strawberry, with a hint of spice almost cinnamon-like with a citrus finish.

2013 Clos du Bois

Sonoma Reserve

Strong berry aromas, with medium acidity, heavy oak smell with a little smokiness, with slight mineral and clove undertones.

Taste has a medium viscosity with strong blackberry, cherry and smoke flavors. This wine goes great with a big steak.

2013 Simi 

Smells of Cedar wood, raisin, strawberry and pistachio.

Tastes of Plum, raisin, and cranberry, light acidity with a strawberry blackberry smokey finish.

2014 Educated Guess

Vibrant cranberry color when you hold it up to the light, with scents of clove and spice with dark blackberry notes. The taste is smooth and supple. With a medium viscosity, dark blackberry and a warm little pine essence, hints of clove with a little vanilla and oak undertone. 

Chateau Lafite Rothschild - 2014

The amazing wine sings upon popping the cork and filling up your glass with amazingly fruity aromas. Red fruits, fresh spring flowers, mineral, cedar cigar box aromas. Fruity tasting notes with bright red fruits, rich notes, and succulent depth. 

Cakebread Cellars 2013

Dark deep ruby color, fruity, blueberry, cedar scent. As the wine opens up a little tobacco adds to the cedar plum and fresh leather taste. Gooseberries, and a little mandarin comes out. Overall cedar, fresh leather, fruity blueberry.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild - 2013

Very strawberry and red fruit aromas, cedar cigar box, spring flowers, silky tannins, dandelion. Flavors of red fruits and strong strawberry notes. Spring flowers, leather, citrusy with orange peel.

2012 Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Dark rich color. Medium viscosity & density. Essences of grapefruit, sage, coffee, tobacco flavors and aromas in the glass. Amazing flavor and aroma changes. There is a meatiness to this wine. It leaves a strong layer of flavor in your mouth. Chamomile, lavender. Floral notes. Cedar, fresh leather. Soo delicate. Fig, apricot, hibiscus. A little tobacco with moss. Black currants fresh berry with a delicate flower pedal finish.

Papale GOLD


Luscious rich bouquet upon opening. Tastes of bright colored flowers, rose, cedar that is just soft on the palate and silky as the glass goes down. Very light and rich in quality. 



Tastes full bodied, thick and rich smooth flavored, black currants, with medium tannins. Plum, raspberry, with a little blackberry finish. Smooth and crisp that lingers on the palate.
Smell: Strong plum essence with melon, with tinge of oak. Reminds me of the morning dew from a rainy spring morning.
Color: Very Dark deep red, almost blackish

2011 Chateau Puygueraud

​Lavender, blackberry, oak, aromas with hints of plum and light spice. Tastes of raspberry richness with velvety tannins, strong tobacco flavors, with hints of juniper berry and lavender. Hints of coffee and orange peel with a little peppery tart berry with a light viscosity and rich full bodied flavor. 

  Gérard Bertrand 


Fragrances of wet forest floor, moss, earthy, a little menthol, with a slight hint of oak. Robust, supple, very smooth, dark fruits, very lush tannin, forest floor, earthy with a hint of citrus.



​​Purplish/ruby in color. Medium density. Cedar redberry aromas with a hint of wood chip. Medium tannins, green flower flavors, with a little hint of herbaceousness almost a hint of basil flavor



Very rich dark cherry color. Hints of spice, dark cherry, blueberry, and deep plum. Very meaty in texture and silky. 

Send me a comment of a wine you recently tried and share your thoughts.



Bouquet of flowers, leather, cedar. Very full bodied, rich, leathery a hint of stone, with a smooth silky finish. The more it opens the silkier it gets.


​      2011

Incredible bouquet....It took my breathe away once I popped this bottle. Very rich, concentrated, and layered aromas and flavors. Full bodied to the max. Dark berry aromas, cucumber, and stone. Flavors of strong dark fruits, plum, dark cherry, plum, shale, floral, complex yet balanced.



Cranberry and plum aromas with rode pedals, and bright flowers. Ruby in color. Very fruit forward, thick dense, bold flavors or peach, pear, citrus. Very robust, with rich flavors and bold flavors, very dry and very long lasting. Supple, succulent, with bright fruit notes and excellent composition.

Silver Oak                       


Light medium density,  opened up after 20 minutes. Dark chocolate aroma right on the nose, with a light oak barrel/slate essence. Light tannic flavor, light spice, dried cranberry stone fruit, with a chalky slate stone finish.

Chateau Dalem
Upon opening the cork a citrus aroma filled the glass with hints of orange peel, pear, leafy, with a little musk.
Amazing garnet color, with an orangey sheer around the glass. Having a taste, supple, well-rounded flavors, citrus, yellow fruits, orange peel, light cherry, and crisp green apple peel.

​​​CHATEAU DAUGAY                                                  2005

Rich darkberry, cocoa, plum skins dark raspberry undertones with a little earthy minerality that coats your mouth. You can really taste the maturity of the grapes.



Strawberry/medium ruby color. Bold and full-bodied that fills the glass with a buttery, lavender blossom, melon, black tea, passion fruit and maple aroma. Flavors of vanilla, passion fruit, dark chocolate, strawberry jam, lychee, a little herbaceous, with a uniquely amazing maple syrup finish.

Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron

​      2006

Thick density, ruby with light rust color, aromas of dark plum, bark, oak, dark cherry, with a wet forest floor, slate, light vanilla with a hint of leather. Flavors of dark plum, light oak, with a light taste of the forest floor that coats the mouth with overwhelming tannins, very dry pucker sensations, great structure, dark stone fruits

DECOY                         2014
Dark red color, thick viscosity. Smells of fresh leather and bark with a bit a sweetness in the front. Not too sweet but just enough to still be balanced and very drinkable. This wine I would describe as being a little bit fruity with hints of chamomile and lavender.​​

Josh   Lodi Reserve             2015

Rich and lovely aromas off the bouquet. Medium color while hints of hibiscus, honeysuckle, pomegranate, and graphite aromas fill the glass. Flavors of apricot, lychee, pear, honey and vanilla bring a very delicate and richness to the palate.

2013 Alexander

Valley Vineyards

Alexander School Reserve

​Upon opening you get a super strong oak  ​barrel scent, very smokey, leathery, and ​very spicy on the nose that it tingled my ​nose hairs. Very peppery, with dried plum​cinnamon and licorice. Strong oak flavors, ​very oaky in fact. Strong robust flavors ​very strong, bold dark fruit, leather, and spice ​flavors. Flavors mellow out as the wine opens up and becomes very silky with a light spice finish. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Groth Reserve

​            -2012-

​Very light bouquet upon opening, textured, minerally.  Very complex structure. Amazing flavor changes. This is a wine tasting adventure. Ripe red berries, earthy soil, suave. The viscosity changes from thin to full bodied that coats the roof of your mouth and has amazing legs.

Domaine de Chevalier


Sophisticated aromas and very refined. Purple flower pedals, dried candy fruits, vanilla, light tobacco, with a hint of mint and a crisp green apple freshness. Full flavors, very crisp and complex. Delicate floral notes, lavender, blackberry, light medium density, with a delicate crisp citrus smooth finish.

Papale Silver


​This wine has great color with medium density. The aromas remind me of sitting on a sandy beach with the ocean breeze blowing. It's citrusy and fruity in the mouth. At first taste the bright fruits penetrate your taste buds with medium tannin before starting to open up where the flavors mellow and balance beautifully. 


Black cherry in color. Aromas of dark cherry, cedar, grapefruit. Medium density with flavors of cranberry, dark cherry, a bit astringent with hints of oak, and  little moss. 



An Almondy dark berry forest aroma with a taste of cedar with strong plum overtones with dark berry undertones. Medium to high acidity that has a deep amber ruby, red-ish violet color.

​This wine would be excellent to let sit for a few years to see how it matures. But perfect to drink now. 

  NATIV                        IRPINIA AGLIANICO -2013

Thick viscosity, full bodied. Blueberry cranberry aromas. Plum, blueberry, bold fruit flavors with hints of lemon peel, leather, and pepper. Leaves a beautiful finish on the tongue. 



​Dark deep purple in color almost black with a fine layer of sheen that coats the surface of the wine. Aromas of vanilla bean, violet, white rose and tobacco. Flavors of violet, Tobacco leaf, leather, vanilla, piercing tannins, with a light velvety spice finish.

2009 Chateau L'Arrivet


Strong anise bouquet with a tinge of mandarin, citrus, cool breeze, and black currants. This wine has luscious mossy herbaceous flavors, light sage, strong anise flavors, citrus undertone, with an herbal bark essence.